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Jake Johnson is Alien Workshop

Jake Johnson is Alien Workshop

  After his stand out and super solid Mind Field part back in 2009 (see below) Jake Johnson has matured and grown from strength to strength. He was recently given a Pro board on Alien workshop that has just arrived here. 8.25 with the radest, classic Alien Workshop graphics that have been seen for a […]

AWS Colorsync II Series


Keeping on the Alien Workshop theme…you get nothing for weeks, then two come along at once! This Colorsync II series is fresh, eight pro boards from the brand that is a hot topic this week after Dyrdeks buy out announcement. My shout is for the Grant Taylor Width: 8.125″, Length: 31.75″

Rob Dyrdek buys DNA


  Longtime Alien Workshop Rider Rob Dyrdek buys the DNA company (Alien Workshop, Habitat and Reflex) that he has been part of, for most, if not all of his Career. Watch the video as it explains his reasoning behind his actions. Only good things can come with Rob Dyrdek in the driving seat.   Here’s […]