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Still got it

Still got it

BOOM! Mike Vallely drops the bomb at Tampa Pro

LUSH Crew Represent


Two of Lush‘s main men have been putting thier money where their mouth is recently… Mark Penman skates…all terrains and all styles and he does it with finess, check out his advert for The Machine…a versatile ATV of a skateboard thats soon to be released from Lush. Next up, the legend that is Darren Rathbone, […]

Raven @ Double rock

Elephant skateboards team news…


Creature Win Transworlds Skate and Create + Behind the scenes


If you hadn’t heard Creature Skateboards won this years Transworld Skate and Create, with a epic short film. If you havn’t seen it here it is. Also below is some behind the scenes footage with Al and Navs going into the what, where and why’s behind it all. Creatures Skate and Create Full Version Behind […]

Sk8Mafia Video online now!


Watch and enjoy the full force of the 2011 Sk8Mafia extravaganza. Includes all the individual parts as well as the extras and credits… This is a quality skate DVD so if you missed it – ENJOY

Elephant Brand Skateboards

Elephant Brand Skateboards

Hype is building for the immenent UK release of Mike Vallely’s new board company Elephant Brand Skateboards. Stay tuned for news and and a more acurate date for our first delivery. Until then keep up to date with all things Elephant over at the blog. This is the Street Axe…GO SKATE!